The Growing Need for BNPL in our Modern Lives

Picture by: LazyPay

Have you ever found yourself crunched for cash while ordering essentials like groceries or food, or felt the need to throw your phone against the wall every time an OTP is delayed? We absolutely feel your pain!

To make online payment seamless and painless for you, BNPL is the way to go. Making a payment should be easy. Done in one tap. And that’s exactly what you can do through ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ services on Fintech apps. Best part is, you don’t need a password to access it, enter an OTP or have a bank account linked to checkout.

You simply put items in your cart, choose your method of payment as LazyPay or any other BNPL app and place your order. In a matter of 10 seconds, your work is done for now! You can clear your dues later, at your convenience. Such a rewarding checkout experience makes BNPL apps a great option to go for in this increasingly fast-paced world.

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A modern-day customer is driven by “micro-needs”, or everyday needs which need to be fulfilled on a daily basis. All the actions driving our lives, like travelling to a place, ordering food online or stocking up on groceries count as these “micro-needs.” For these instant needs, there’s BNPL. Order groceries on Dunzo, food on Zomato, book rides on Rapido or tickets on MakeMyTrip & pay within 15 days (at literally 0 extra cost!).

Then there’s the temptation of ordering food online. Imagine opening your Swiggy or Zomato app to find a special offer on the cuisine of the day. But you have already spent your quota on food expenses. Well, Hello BNPL. When hunger strikes real bad, you gotta simply order food with one tap and repay. It’s as easy as that and allows users to take a shortcut to the fastest payment route using BNPL.

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So, you don’t have to lose your mind trying to recall the password when paying via net-banking or wait forever for the OTP to come. How did BNPL get so popular? When online grocery sales in India took a huge leap during the pandemic, financial crunch, tight household budgets & layoffs saw young professionals turn to LazyPay for ordering daily staples.

Owing to its convenience, BNPL is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing payment methods out there and the credit should definitely go to the user-friendly concept behind it. Firstly, it gives users the flexibility to repay within 15 days, at zero extra cost and secondly, it gives them a lightning fast checkout experience on apps like Rapido, MakeMyTrip, Dunzo, Practo, etc.

In our modern lives dominated by technology, we seek comfort and convenience at our fingertips and BNPL is our answer to that.

LazyPay is a credit platform owned by PayU Finance India Private Limited.